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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find some helpful information about Glenridding Ravine below. We’ve tried to think of everything, but if we missed something you don’t see answered here, please get in touch at edmonton@anthemproperties.com.

How many homes make up Glenridding Ravine?

At completion, Glenridding Ravine will have 728 homes.

What options do I have nearby for groceries, shopping and services?

  • At completion Glenridding Landing (1 km | 1 min)
  • Currents of Windermere (4 km | 7 mi)
  • South Edmonton Common (11.5 km | 15 min)
  • West Edmonton Mall (18 km | 18 min)
  • Downtown Edmonton (23 km | 28 min)
  • Edmonton International Airport (17 km | 19 min)
  • Jagare Ridge Golf Course (2.8 km | 5 min)
  • River Ridge Golf & Country Club (6.2 km | 10 min)

Visit our Amenities page for more details.

Will there be any commercial amenities within Glenridding Ravine?

Glenridding Ravine offers shops and services within walking distance at the Glenridding Landing commercial space. There are also plenty of commercial amenities nearby at The Currents of Windermere. Visit our Amenities page for more details.

Are there any dog parks nearby?

Yes! The nearest off-leash dog park is the Paisley Dog Park, located only five minutes away in southwest Edmonton. Lose the leash, let your furry friends stretch their legs and run free while you take in the fresh air!

Where will my kids be going to school?

Residents of Glenridding Ravine can attend:

Public Schools

Catholic Schools

Who maintains the neighbourhood streets, parks and green spaces?

Anthem oversees the maintenance until our maintenance obligations have been fulfilled. Once complete, the City of Edmonton assumes maintenance obligations for streets and park spaces, along with providing other essential municipal services for Glenridding Ravine.

Will my property come with fencing included?

Some homes may have fencing included if they back on to the community’s natural environmental reserve areas, or if they’re located along 28th Ave or back on to Glenridding Ravine Drive. Chain link fencing will be used for yards backing onto the reserve areas and wood screen fencing everywhere else. You can find more information about fencing and landscaping for your property in Glenridding Ravine’s helpful Architectural Guidelines or by speaking with your builder’s salesperson to confirm what exactly comes with your new home.

Does my property come with any trees or landscaping?

Anthem provides the residents with a canvas to complete the landscaping around their home, with guidance from a set of professionally designed architectural guidelines. The neighbourhood landscaping includes beautiful boulevard trees throughout Glenridding Ravine. There are also natural environmental reserve spaces around the community, which include mature trees and other types of greenery for you to enjoy. More information can be found in Glenridding Ravine’s Architectural Guidelines.

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